Tired of blending in with the crowd? Make an impact with a steely stare that will knock ‘em dead! Our range of non-prescription gray lenses from Eyefusion are the perfect accessories to lift your everyday style from predictable to startling. Suitable for daily use, our gray lenses are also ideal for Cosplay and fantasy role-play, as well as Halloween and costume parties. Become a master of disguise or a mistress of mystery in some of these eye-catching contact lenses; why not take on a whole new persona for the evening along with your new eye colour? Our gray lenses are perfect for spies, assassins and regular old Joes who simply want to shake up their style.

Add a touch of glamour to your look with our range of non-prescription charcoal lenses. For a subtle and sultry effect, opt for a pair of our Soft Grey Tones contacts. If you fancy a little more dramatic effect, one of our bolder designs, such as the Crushed Plum for example, can guarantee that you get noticed. If you like the idea of an enchanting, violet gaze however you might like to try the Lavender contacts instead. Alternatively if scary is your style we stock several ghoulish styles here at Crazy Contact Lenses including monster eyes lenses and zombie contacts which are ideal for Halloween, Cosplay events and any other fancy dress occasion where you want to go all out!

You can also check out red contact lenses,gold contact lenses, and violet contact lenses if you want to try something new

Dress Up & Hit the Town in Our Gray Contact Lenses!

The gray contacts from ColorVue are the perfect accessory to accentuate outfits and make your eyes pop. Availably in both a warm tone of gray or cooler tone of gray, you can use these lenses to create a whole new look with just one pair of contacts! These contacts sport an assortment of vibrant colors for an artsy aesthetic. Perfect for unconventional dressers and photography enthusiasts alike, the innovative design allows for maximum comfort during wear even on sensitive eyes.

Do Halloween in style and look completely fabulous! Try our 3 Tone Gray lenses with some very dark eyeliner, extending it down your matching cheeks. If you want to be zombieesque instead, wear our Blind Gray Lenses with ragged, blood stained clothes for a spooky finishing touch.

Let See-Thru Grey by Color Vary contact lenses give you an alternate way to give any wardrobe a dramatic touch without being too over-the-top. No matter what character you choose to be on Halloween, these contacts are sure to make you stand out in a crowd!

Of course, dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. Both men and women can take part in Cosplay and find themselves more immersed in the roles they are taking on than ever before when wearing cosmetic contact lenses. From famous movie characters to comic book villains, our gray lenses are the perfect accessory to pull your whole outfit together. If you’re wondering what sorts of costumes you can pair our gray lenses with, here are some great examples:

  • Christian Gray
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
  • Gladiator
  • Ninja
  • Robot
  • Final Fantasy

Things To Know…

How Long Will My Gray Contact Lenses Last? Our gray contacts range in duration of wear, including single-use daily lenses, monthly lenses, 90-day lenses and yearly lenses; making them ideal for everything from one-off costume parties to those who want a more permanent Cosplay change. You can even match your eye color to your favorite characters in a way that will never leave you wanting. Whether you’re in the mood for a brief colour affair or a longer term partnership, we have the right length of wear and contact lens color options to suit your needs.

Are cosmetic contact lenses safe?Absolutely! At Want Lenses Australia, our team cares about your eyes. That’s why we use high quality and safe cosmetic contact lenses to ensure that your eyes are protected from damage or infection. When using want lenses, it is very important to follow the following steps:

Everyone is always worried about their glasses getting dirty. We always have a hard time keeping our glasses clean, but all of this goes away once you use Tactica lenses!

Will Gray Contact Lenses Work On Brown Eyes? Yes, we get this question a lot. Lucky for you, our gray lenses will cover your dark brown eyes without fail – ours is just the right shade to compliment brown eyes. We can tell from personal experience that your IRL color won’t break through thanks to our rich pigment infused into every pair of our lenses. No need to worry about the dreaded grey-brown mess when using our contact lenses. And, as always, GrayLens offers only high quality contact lenses which guarantees that you’ll look even more beautiful than ever before!

We offer a wide variety of non-prescription contacts for both men and women. You can find everything you need on our contact lenses page, where you can choose your favorite lens design. Whether you like to stick to something simple or prefer an extravagant look, we have the want lenses that fit your needs. All of the lenses are healthy to wear and guarantee great comfort while you’re having fun with your wardrobe. When visiting our site, you can easily buy contact lenses online because we accept credit cards as well as PayPal. We are also available by phone at any time if you need further assistance with ordering your contacts!

Our priority as a Company is always our customers’ needs, and we aim to exceed their expectations in all that we do. We’re lucky to have an excellent, friendly, and expert customer care team on hand to answer any questions you may have! We offer next-business day delivery for our UK customers.