Are you on the hunt for a pair of spectacular costumes to complete your exciting ensemble? Want to choose a look that will knock the socks off of everyone you meet this Halloween? Then we think you’ll love our incredible selection of freaky contacts. The perfect way to enhance your costume and achieve a truly scary gaze!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which eyes will make your costume look most authentic. However, with this impressive collection of frightful contact lenses, you can scare up the most believable ghoulish glances! No matter what event or activity you’re attending, there are sure to be some creepy contacts that will meet all your needs; whether it’s wearing them during festivals like Halloween or for an evening of trick-or-treating with the kids. Our freaky contacts lenses include:

  • UV reactive lenses
  • Mesh and screen lenses
  • Red contacts
  • Black contact lenses 
  • White contacts 

There’s literally no limit to just how much creative freedom you can have when it comes to crafting your own unique and frightfully freaky Halloween look! If you need a little inspiration or tips on how best to use our ultimate range of horror and FX Contact Lenses, here are some of our favourites:

  • For a realistic werewolf look, pair our Werewolves contact lenses with torn clothing and blood stained knuckles. Don’t forget to growl menacingly for full horror effect! Alternatively, if you fancy a less gruesome creature from the night but still want to keep it light and fun, then pair your werewolf contacts with mischievous wink as well as an all-black ensemble. You could even throw in a wolf-themed accessory or two to pay homage to Jacob Black and his wolf pack.
  • Want to achieve a sinister, death eater inspired look? Then our black sclera contact lenses are just what you need! Perfect for replicating the blank, dead-eyed stare of Voldemort’s masked band of followers, these all-black contacts cover the entire iris and a large proportion of the sclera (Aka, the white bit of your eye) to give a void like appearance. Team with a black hood, a dark mark temporary tattoo and an ornate mask for full effect.
  • If you like looking like a spooky old crone, we’ve got the perfect Halloween pattern for you! Try pairing our blue-tinted contacts with a grey wig, some facial hair and withered makeup. Don’t forget to wear an ominous outfit to complete your costume – that’s extra points for creepiness!

We also have other sections like monster  contact lenses, ultraviolet contact lenses, and glowing contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


No Prescription? No Problem! All of our contact lens products are non-corrective, so you can simply select the style you like the most without worrying about inputting your prescription correctly and being left with contact lenses that don’t meet your needs.

Fans of fashion know that it can often be difficult to find high-quality lenses at affordable prices and the quality of some low-cost products on the market today means that you have to compromise on aesthetics in order to not bankrupt yourself. However, here at Want Lens we’re committed to delivering superior quality products at low prices, so you can experiment with your look without breaking the bank!

Our freakishly realistic contacts look, feel and weigh barely anything. They’re made from lightweight and breathable materials and contain a high water content so your eyes will feel moist and hydrated all day!

We sell high quality, fashionable contact lenses at cheaper rates than what you would find on eBay or Amazon. Our collection of tinted and hard-to-find colored contacts for any occasion is unmatched by online retailers who only specialize in a few popular colors.