Colored Contacts for astigmatism which are also known to be toric contact lenses, are contacts that feature a torus shape, rather than spherical in order to correct the effects of astigmatism

When someone wears colored contacts, they often think about how well the lenses match their eyes versus how they work specifically in terms of vision. In actuality, the first thing that anyone must consider is whether or not the lenses are right for them. Many types of colored contacts can be worn without a prescription — most commonly, Plano (non-prescription) lenses are selected; however some eye conditions prohibit one from wearing contact lenses without a proper prescription. Considering this before purchasing colored contacts is crucial to guarantee your eye health — it’s necessary to make sure there will be no problems when you go colors.

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Because of the irregular shape of the human eye, a normal contact lens would be an incorrect fit. This can cause problems for the people who need to wear them such as glasses with astigmatism since they can’t see clearly at a distance without their glasses. That’s why these lens are specially made.

Toric Contact lenses are contact lenses that have been designed especially for correcting astigmatism. Unlike a typical Spherical lens, Toric Contact lenses feature a torus-shaped design which allows them to be perfectly positioned on the eye.

For patients with corneal irregularities, contacts which have an irregular shape can be prescribed in order to maintain the lens position and prevent further complications. The unique shape causes both vertical and horizontal refraction and focus patterns to occur on the surface of the lens to help treat astigmatism symptoms.


As we’ve discussed above the difference between regular contact lenses and toric colored contacts hones in on their shape; but there are a few extra details to keep in mind when purchasing lenses of this variety with your prescription. It’s important to ensure that you match the following values from your prescription: Power/Sphere, Diameter, and Base Curve of your lenses as well as make sure they are compatible with your astigmatism prescription which will require that you check the dioptres for these three aspects:

Cylinder (CYL): A cylinder value on a prescription is measured in values of 0.25, and is always displayed as a negative value, given the severity of the astigmatism.

Axis (AX)The degree of myopia denoted on a contact lenses prescription is caused by the irregular curvature of the eyes cornea or lens, an axis measurement for which is displayed in a figure depending on the level of required correction.

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One of the most popular styles of contact lenses is colored contacts. These are available in so many varieties and sizes that it’s a great style for just about anyone looking to have fun, see the world in a whole new light, or both! Corrective/prescription colored contacts also give users another expressive color option without sacrificing the quality of their eyesight. With this versatile product on your eyes, you can feel like there’s no end to how creative you can get!

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