In the Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses section, we have a variety of different styles that can be used to make your look memorable. For anyone who’s ever struggled with red or brown eyes from allergies or watery eyes, colored contacts are an ideal answer for restoring eye color without the need for frequent adjustment. As it turns out, our lenses have staying power even after being worn all day – so you’ll never have to worry about removing and replacing them a number of times throughout your day. In addition to being fantastic eye-color enhancers, more than 75% of our contact lens customers also reported clearer vision. Maybe you’re looking for color contacts that will help you see better while wearing glasses? If that sounds like something you want to try, we encourage you to give us a call and describe what exactly it is you’re hoping to accomplish. We’re happy to work with our customers towards finding a solution that will meet your unique needs!

Eyecandycosplay’s Aqua lenses are one of the most popular and most sought-after lenses on our site. As a pioneering brand, we wanted to make sure that you have every option available when it comes to colored contacts. The Aqua lens is made by the world’s largest contact lens manufacturer so you know that quality is guaranteed! Our large selection of lenses also ensures we have something for everyone at Eyecandycosplay. Whether you’re looking for an annual costume accessory or something everyday wear, we can help you find the right color!

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So if you’re looking for Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses, you’ll have your work cut out for you. This is because we’ll be presenting the different styles here and it’s not going to be easy to choose one or two. But there are some points that will really make your decision easier: Style, lens type, base curve and whether or not you want an anti-scratch lens.


Aqua Blue Tri Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses- When it comes to prescription colored contacts, the natural tones will allow you to confidently wear these contact lenses every day and people will believe you have an aqua blue eye color. The best part about natural lenses is that you can wear them daily without an issue or wear them for a special occasion like a Halloween or cosplay costume if your choice of character has normal blue eyes. These lenses feature a bright blue flecked design to mimic the real thing as well as small black and brown rings around the iris and pupil. Multiple colors create a more realistic style of eye as many people have more than one tone in their eyes.


The Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Colored Prescription Contact Lenses have been recently spotted at the local ‘fancy dress shop’ by an anonymous source who claims to be familiar with the aqua blue colored contacts. The shopkeeper shares that usually, most of her customers are looking for either a super large and sparkly pair of standard contact lenses, or something small and creepy for a costume. This time, however, she noticed one unique pair with a vertical pupil that left her feeling “apprehensive.”

Aqua Glitter Colored Contact Lenses – These contact lenses feature an aqua glitter ring around the iris and a sun-like design in the middle. They are perfect for those who want to look spooky on Halloween with some zombie contact lenses. You can enjoy these as a great novelty design. You will also look like the perfect anime character if you add these to a suitable Cosplay fancy dress costume. For those who want to incorporate a touch of glitz and glamour into their costumes, these Aqua Glitter Colored Contact Lenses can do just that! Not only do they have a whole lot of movement all over your eyes, but they add a solid blast of color along with it. These exquisite Black Diamond contact lenses give an eye-catching sparkle whenever you make eye contact with others, bringing an extra bit of their own flair and flirtatious appearance to help turn heads wherever you go!

All of our lenses are FDA approved to guarantee they are completely safe to use and that the material is of the highest quality. We make sure that we’re selling the safest contact lenses UK. So check them out for yourself. They’re easy to take care of by cleaning with our solution and we also sell cases so you can keep your lenses safe and clean. A few of our cases even have an insert wand and tweezers so you can clean them without risk of transferring dirt or bacteria from your hand to your eye. All of this is available because we want to help keep your eyes feeling healthy.

Colored contacts are a fantastic accessory that can bring a lot of fun and charm to you. From dressing up in costumes, to changing your look for the day, these eye accessories are easy options to make a bold statement. The thing is they can be quite costly. This is why we created our own collection of beautiful colored contacts at an affordable cost so everyone can afford these fantastic tiny works of art!

If you have a Monovision or other Low Vision condition, it is possible that you may be tired of wearing glasses (Or are tired of contacts). By using multifocal contact lenses, adapted Contact Lenses, or Orthokeratology your vision can be corrected and you won’t need to wear glasses anymore.