Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

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Are you planning on going to a fancy dress party this Halloween and if so, do the glasses you wear with your outfit cramp your style? Well then here is a solution for you! Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses make it easy for people to wear different types of styles whether it be a witch, a zombie, vampire or werewolf. If you want to transform yourself into these creatures then it is time to get some prescription fancy dress contact lenses and show off how great they look on you. Make sure not to blind your friends in the process or else they might turn into frogs…

With Colored Contacts you are able to pair your prescription with a follow-up strength specific to either eye as needed. Are you tired of your glasses ruining your costumes when it is time for Halloween? You can be sure that you will always be saving money with prescription Halloween contacts UK stockists such as Colored Contacts. The friendly staff at Colored Contacts is well adept when it comes to mixing shows, from the seriously frightening prescription horror contact lenses to something that happens to be a little funny side of spooky. You can never go wrong here when showing up in style in werid or killer costume!

We also have other sections like toricolors contact lenses, toric for asigmatism , and blind contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Halloween costumes can look seriously frightening with white contact lenses. Give yourself a hollow soulless scare perfect for pulling off trick or treating. Our White Contact Lenses are the perfect addition to scary outfits, costumes, and makeup looks you want to achieve this season. These special effects contacts completely cover your eye by showing only dark minute squares to create the look of someone trapped in a possessed body. Wear our accessory on October 31st to your next costume party or give yourself a unique way of expressing who you are! Whether you want to complete your zombie look or just like wearing contact lenses that completely cover your eye color and pupil but leave you with vision – these prescription White Contact Lenses will do it for you. We have yet another great option for giving yourself an eerie sight thanks to Colored Contacts’ premium quality manufacturing process when it comes down to these effects that are sure not to disappoint!

Alternatively if you want to go for the creepy innocent style, why not try the blue contact lenses with a prescription? Blue contacts are very popular in horror-themed costumes. These Devilishly bright colored contacts accentuate your eyes, making them look large and will add an otherworldly effect to your costume. However, don’t let their appearance fool you! They may be scary-looking, but these contacts don’t have to be used with just angel costumes. If you prefer zombies or devils over angels, then these would make great Red Eye Contact Lenses.

Have you been watching all the vampire themed television programmes and films that have become so popular? Many of these programmes like to say that vampire’s eyes can sparkle and glimmer in order to hypnotise their victims. The silver colored lenses are here to help you achieve this effect with ease. You’ll feel just like a real life Dracula! Become bloodsucking Dracula for the evening and lure in your prey with these dazzling lenses. These lenses will let any other goths know who the most stylist person at the party is. As Halloween and other cosplay events approach, think about which costume would best fit a pair of these contacts and you’ll be more than ready for anything! Add some finishing touches by finding items to match the color scheme of these contacts such as anything silvery or metallic!


Sometimes as customers we’re not sure whether or not to invest in expensive or cheaper lenses, which is why all our frames come with approved lenses. We know that our customers value eye health, so we’ve made sure they will have a good experience with each pair of glasses they buy from us. The light and soft materials leave the eyes free to breathe and the frame itself is lightweight enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough to stay on your face!

To ensure that your eyes stay healthy it is essential to talk to your eye doctor or optician for advice and guidance on using colored contact lenses. Here at Colored Contacts we have created plenty of helpful resources if you need a little extra help. Not only do we encourage our customers to read about how best to use our fashion contact lenses but we also have detailed information on all things related styles and colors .

Available in varying durations – one day, 90 days and one year – you are sure to find the kind of contact lens that will suit your needs. If you want contact lenses that don’t require much care and maintenance after each wear, then you should go for the lenses that are used just once before they are thrown away. If on the other hand, you do not mind spending a bit more time cleaning your contact lenses as you use them multiple times, then the 90-day or 1-year contact lenses can be a good option for you. EyeCare One provides all the necessary accessories so that you can easily clean your colored contacts at home using an eye-care solution and lens case

Colored Contacts is a great retailer of Halloween contact lenses because we offer the best selection of the highest quality lenses at an affordable price. Halloween is a themed party that proves that looking great isn’t something you have to spend a lot on or take too much time over, who has time for that? We know you might need some extra cash to get all your other fancy dress accessories sorted out, so how about taking advantage of our extra discount codes and special offers? These will mean any additional accessories will work out costing you even less pocket money! With worldwide delivery within 3 days, we have your costume sorted no matter what your theme, budget or event.