Our zombie contact lenses are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your Halloween outfit. They’ll make you stand out, without breaking the bank or requiring special effort to put on.

These zombie contact lenses are popular not just for Halloween, fancy dress parties or cosplay, but also as an alternative casual style of eyewear. They can be intimidating enough to give your eyes that undead appearance.

We stock various cosmetic contact lenses from mesmereyez and other brands with our quick delivery service, you can easily order your brand new zombie contacts before they run out!

We also have other sections like uw glow  contact lenses, creepy contact lenses, and devil eye  contacts that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


We’ve been specializing in contact lenses for over twenty years and know that our customers want quality lenses that are convenient to use. Four Eyez is one of many premium brands that we stock from, as they have a solid reputation for attractive designs with a long life span.

If you’re uncomfortable with the compromises in comfort with conforming to the look you want, then you need not worry at all. There are plenty of styles that provide both fashion and most importantly, comfort! All of our contact lenses are made by reputable brand names, providing safe use for your eyes.

Even if you are not nearsighted or farsighted, you must see an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. You should always make sure you have a professional fitting with your optometrist to check the appropriateness of your lenses and give you guidelines for proper care.

Good hygiene is essential when wearing contacts. Negligence can result in infection, irritation, and vision damage. To keep your lenses clean, you should know that:

  • Clean, disinfect and store your colored contacts with the right products.

  • Never wear your contact lenses for longer than what is allowed by the packaging. This can lead to infections, blindness or permanent damage to your eyesight.

  • Stop wearing the contact lenses immediately and see your optometrist if the following symptoms appear: soreness of eyes, redness or itchy eyes after using contact lenses for a while. If you experience any of these symptoms then it is even more important to choose a good pair of lenses from a respectable source.

  • Never swap lenses with someone else. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing eye infections

Each pair of contact lenses we sell on our website are packed, sealed, and shipped in a package that is big enough to contain them while still preventing them from being exposed to any harmful surfaces due to their delicate nature. What’s more, with pairs of monthly lenses, you’ll get a complimentary care kit which keeps your contacts moist and fresh until you’re ready to use them!

One of our favorite features about our brand of contact lenses is that they come nicely packaged with a variety of options for the types of wear durations you might need. We have daily disposable colors which are amazing and last only one day and we also carry colors which you can wear on a monthly or even yearly basis! These especially great for people who do Cosplay and also want to look fabulous for any parties throughout the year.


Our colored contact lenses offer you a chance to get in touch with your wild side by mixing up your look. They work well for costumes, parties and festivals and if you like the sound of getting a good deal out of them, we can ship them to anywhere in the world and you won’t be disappointed with either our quality or our service.

Our zombie contact lenses are perfect for anyone who likes dressing up as undead creatures. They look cool and fit in very well with costumes – especially when you get them in one of our many range of different lens types including Black Sclera, White Sclera , Colored, Halloween, Party and more!