There’s something about contact lenses that just screams “biohazard.” Maybe it’s the fact that they’re constantly in close proximity to your eyeballs, or maybe it’s because they’re often used to correct vision problems. Either way, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks that come with wearing contact lenses.

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One of the biggest dangers of contact lenses is the potential for eye infections. Because contact lenses are constantly in contact with your eyes, they can easily become contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens. If these pathogens get into your eyes, they can cause serious infections that may lead to vision loss or even blindness.

Another danger of contact lenses is that they can cause corneal abrasions. Corneal abrasions are small scratches on the surface of the eye, and they can be extremely painful. In some cases, corneal abrasions can also lead to infections.

So, if you’re thinking about wearing contact lenses, be sure to talk to your doctor first. And, if you do wear them, be sure to practice good hygiene to minimize the risk of infection.