Make boring costumes the thing of myth, and create your ultimate fiery finish with our range of Dragon Contact Lenses.Warning: here be dragons! Immerse yourself in a world of magic and fantasy, and pick up some new and exciting colored contact lenses for yourself or your loved one today.

Here at WantLens, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses that when worn will turn you into the mythical creatures that sparkled with life in your childhood fantasies. Don your dragon costume and dance around like you used to when dressing up for all the pretend games you played when enjoying the sci-fi genre or watching TV. Dragons are no strangers to popular pop culture, with appearances throughout entertainment history in various ways with various characters – so come on in and give our green Dragon eye lenses a try!

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Whether or not you’re super into dressing up or you’d like to add a little something extra to your ensemble, be sure to check these out. We know that not everyone is looking for Dragons, but if it’s what you want, we’ve got plenty of other interesting products like mystical zombie eyes and 3D contact lenses in fresh and trendy designs. From vivid purple to neon yellow and every color in between we’ve got UV lenses done right! The Green Emerald Dragon Lenses make it possible to have an awesome dragon printed on your eyes!

If you can’t make it to a comic convention, why not try dressing up as the characters from all those stories you love? Whether you want to become a green dragon with blue eyes, a red dragon with yellow eyes, or a black dragon with purple eyes, our range of contact lenses will help you realize your wildest dreams.

Easily achieve a menacing Smaug look with a pair of our Dragon Eye Colored Contact Lenses! These dragon lenses are ideal for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Cosplays, if you’ve been hunting the whole of middle earth for a new eye color, then you simply to have to check out the Eye Of Sauron Colored Contact Lenses – ideal for both dark Necromancers and your very own dragon Cosplays!

Maybe you’re more into Game of Thrones? Then these new lenses are something you should definitely check out. Get the chance to look like one of the fiercest creatures in the realm – Daenerys’ dragons! These awesome lenses can make your eyes take on a fierce reptilian appearance perfect for any GOT fan.

Not all snakes are big and scary, right? Check out our Cobras Colored Contacts to add a sweet serpent eye finish! The reptilian edge to these unique contact lenses is sure to add some bite to any boring fancy dress look. If you’re not just about fire and flames, then perhaps a pair of white mesh contact lenses could help you bring your very own Ice Snake to life!

WantLens is dedicated to making sure that all of the products we sell you are of the highest quality. Scary contacts are a great way to spice up any look, especially on Halloween! Some of our reptile and purple dragon contacts may look a little terrifying at first glance, but we assure you they’re made from premium materials with high standards.
Our contact lenses are colored using high quality pigments in the coloring process. Whether you’re dressing up as a mythical dragon or an anime character, make sure you choose your fancy dress contacts wisely to get the perfect costume! Once you’ve tried our costume contact lenses, we think you’ll agree that no other store has better or brighter lens options to offer.

Our costume contact lenses come in different colors and we aim to provide an extensive range of quality lenses for you to choose from so that you can get the right colors and designs – whether it’s some fancy dress costume contact lenses or any other kind.

A dragon outfit is an ideal look for Halloween. Take your cosplay to the next level with our funky dragon contact lens look. Your eyes will be sure to stand out amongst all of the rest at your next big event. Worried about getting your lenses in time? We offer safe and secure delivery to a variety of countries including the USA.