When you’re ordering fancy dress accessories for Halloween or a party, avoid looking like everyone else and add an authentic finishing touch to your wild, animal-inspired outfit with wolf contact lenses. This style is one of our most popular and they really give my customers that unique edge they’ve been looking for when they want to make sure nobody else at their event will be wearing the same thing!

We offer a wide range of wolf eye contacts, including black, orange, red and blue werewolf contacts. To find out what suits you best before making a decision, we suggest that you browse the full range which includes UV filtered contact lenses for lighter colors, and weird contact lenses


Our Wolf UV contact lenses are the perfect way to light up the night whilst maintaining your predatory style. Ordinary light allows these multicolored contact lenses to show a printed pattern that gives the illusion of wolf eyes, but once the lights go out, these crystals turn on. With an eerie shine that compliments any costume or outfit, these crystals are perfect for anyone who wants to take their look up a notch.

The wonderful thing about these werewolf contacts is that they are unlike other creepy contacts available. They bring a very subtle bit of horror to your eyes, so for those who want something unique, wear them this Halloween. The edge you get with these brings something different than other generic costume accessories can offer!

All of our wolf eye contact lenses have a printed pattern around the iris to give your eyes a realistic wolf appearance. We use dark black surrounds, along with mottled colors through the iris area, completely covering your natural eye giving the illusion of vicious stare whether you are wearing blue contact lenses or maybe you are more into black contacts! We have a huge variety of colors available in our wolf eye contact lenses section.

No matter the colour, you’ll find cheap contact lenses right here. If you’re looking for quality contacts but don’t want to break the bank, Lens Picker is your number one choice. We proudly work with only established brands, giving our clients the peace of mind that they will receive high-quality, durable products.


People have always been fascinated with wolves, and that’s contributed to a rise in popularity of contact lenses with the “wolf” design. The recent interest was really driven by the book and film series Twilight, which captured people’s imaginations. If you’re a fan of Jacob from Twilight, try dressing up in a “Twilight”-inspired costume for your next party.

Regardless of the event, our contact lenses come in different wear durations. This gives you more freedom to decide how often the wolf is unleashed. Here at The Halloween Emporium we proudly sell disposable contact lenses. They last for 1 day, but if you need to get your werewolf fix on repeat we also offer 30-day, 90-day and even 1-year lenses.

Remember, all of our contact lenses are purely cosmetic and don’t affect your vision, so you will not need a prescription to experiment with Wolf eyes. However, it is important to visit an optician prior to buying any contact lenses so that they can ensure your eyes are healthy enough to wear them.