1 Pair Cosplay Color Contact Lenses White Black Blind Lens Anime Cosplay Eye Contacts Red Lenses Halloween Snake Eye Lens Yearly

· Diameter:14.5mm
· Water Content : 40%
· Base Curve :8.5mm
· Ingredient: Soft hydrogel(PHEMA)
· Effects on eyes: Enlarging and vibrant effect

1.[100% After-sale Guarantee]
· Resend new package for free:
a.Package not delivered b.Package lost
c.Lenses are damaged
2.[Delivery Promise]
· Shipped out within 24 business hours.
3.[Logistics time]
· Within Official Promised logistics time.
4.[Protection Time]
· Contact us to extend it.


Package Included:

·1 Pair(2pcs) x Contact Lenses
·1 x Container(Free gift)


Wearing Tips:

· Soak contact lenses in fresh solution for at least 8 hours before first use.
· Clean lenses with fresh liquide solution before use and check the lens side is correct and not inside out.
· Inside the package is the Instructions for Use and further info.
· Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.


Q & A:

Q : Is this the price for 1 lenses, or for 2 (a pair) ?
A : 2 pieces lenses.

Q : How long does it take for delivery after a successful order?
A : About 15-20 days.

Q : What's in the package?
A : Beautifully packaged in a gift box (2 lenses / 1 storage case).

Q :Are the contact lenses easy to wear? Will they hurt my eyes?
A : Our lenses are internationally CE certified to ensure absolute safety and no eye damage, and are sized to fit everyone, with put on quickly.

Q:Can I order wholesale?
A:Please contact us when you need wholesale.The more quantity,and the more discount and preferential price.


Blind White, Blind Black, Eye Dragon Eye, Snake Eye, Dragon Eye Green, Goat Eye, Magamata First Stage, Triple Tomoe, Red Volturi, Violet Volturi, Red Vein, White Crack, Green Crack, Red Mesh


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