Black coloured contact lenses will make a hypnagogic impression on everyone who sees you! If you’re looking for an amazing new costume accessory for Halloween, cool Cosplay pieces for any convention, a mesmerising look for a night on the town, or the next beloved addition to your edgy everyday wardrobe, we at WantLens know you’ll love our black cosmetic contacts. With so much happening in one’s world these days it can be difficult to find time for oneself – but if you’ve always wanted to have black eyes without having to actually apply black eye shadow or paint your eyelids all of the time then cosmetic contact lenses are just what you need. Not sure where to start? We’ll help get things started by answering any burning questions about cosmetic contact designs and instructions on where to buy them!

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What Black Coloured Contact Lenses Do You Sell?

If you’re interested in buying some stunning black coloured contact lenses, then check out our collection of colours which includes:

  • Spiral Contacts
  • Blind or Full Black Contacts
  • Animal Contacts
  • Sclera or Full Eye Contacts
  • Clock Contacts
  • Printed Contacts

When you buy black – coloured contact lenses, you can explore some really cool looks. If you’re into Gothic fashion, maybe you just want all black eyes to match your black as midnight wardrobe? Or if you’re a sci-fi fan, perhaps it’s time for your character (including their unique look) to join the rebellion against galactic domination? Or are you simply looking for something different for Halloween or even to be able to scare anyone who dares stare into your real eyes? Contact Lenses Direct has an expendable amount of possibilities available to make sure that there is indeed something out there for everyone!

Need some ideas to get you started? Try Sclera, blind, or animal eye contact lenses for the creepiest of looks. Printed designs like spiral patterns and clocks are totally mesmerising, while all-black contacts add a subtle yet beautiful darkness to your look. Shameless plug: our zombie contact lenses are a Halloween essential!

Do Your Colours Provide Enough Masking For Dark Eyes?

Each brand of contacts that we stock creates contact lenses with such vivacious coloring that they offer perfect coverage even for dark eyes. When you choose our colored contacts, you can be sure to achieve a bold new look, confirming your status as an individual with style and confidence in your ability to look uniquely beautiful everyday – even if you have darker eye colors. Our range includes black contacts that work wonderfully well on most people’s dark colored irises, though the person looking into the mirror may feel their gaze has become more concentrated or sharp. If you’re someone whose vision isn’t quite right yet, then standard black acrylic cosmetic contact lenses are probably the best investment for your money!

Are Your Black Coloured Contact Lenses Safe?

Our contacts are both safe and easy to use. We only carry Eyefusion who are well know worldwide for their established reputation in providing quality contact lenses, including non-prescription colored contacts that people can wear every day without the hassle of needing prescription glasses or retinal scans. All of our lenses come in plastic containers which are placed in a special vial containing sterile solution to keep your new spectacles safe through shipping. Don’t settle for cheap lenses designed by inexperienced manufacturers – when you shop with us you get premium products by industry leaders because we offer only brands which you can trust!

The best way to start thinking about contact lenses is to first imagine what you want to do with them. For instance, are they for a day’s work or are they part of your everyday activities? Contact lenses that are worn daily will need to be comfortable, fit well and feel good for however many hours you wear them. Do you have particularly bad vision? If so, wearing lenses longer may help to improve your vision too! Just follow the one size fits all option

1 Day disposable contact lenses are a one-time sensation because they give you a different look that you can wear for just once, then dispose of. They’re also great for trying out styles before deciding on a look for a big event.

If you are planning to attend several fancy dress events within a short period of time for example at the end of each month or year, then the 30 Day and 90 Day memberships might be the perfect length of time for you. They will allow you to wear new costumes during busy times like the holiday season, Valentines day etc.

If you’re someone who wears contact lenses regularly, or are looking to finally buy some of your own, then 1-year lenses are definitely the way to go.

Please don’t wear your contact lenses longer than the recommended amount of time. Doing so will cause your vision to deteriorate faster, and you could suffer from eye problems or other issues that come from wearing them longer than needed. If you find it difficult to give up your other colour contacts, make sure to consult a professional before switching to black contacts.

Where Can I Buy Your Freaky Black Colored Contact Lenses?

Black colored cosmetic contact lenses are a great accessory for any occasion, and we offer a range of contacts to suit every style. While it’s easy to buy black color contacts from eBay and Amazon, buying them directly from us offers you affordable options without the hassle of waiting weeks for your order. You can also benefit from our speedy delivery to addresses in the UK – we know what you want, and we aim to deliver!

Getting rich black coloured contact lenses can be a lot of fun. It’s very important to take care of these special contacts so that you can continue to use them for a long time. You must also remember to take care of where you buy reusable contacts from, too! There are so many options out there when it comes to storing and caring for your lenses, but we want you to find something safe and effective. If you prefer a case that is a little more exciting than the one your lenses came in most places, don’t be afraid to scoop up a few extra lens cases or even one specifically made out of silicone or borosilicate glass that effectively stores the greatest number of Lenses possible in order to make things easier on yourself next time you need access to them quickly.

Why Should I Buy Your Coloured Contact Lenses?

We do our best to stock as many special effect contact lenses as we possibly can to cover your costumes and wardrobe needs, whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a creepy look or you’re going for something more natural. We offer a great selection of styles and designs, including blind, UV reactive, mesh, flame, mini-sclera, full-sclera. If you can think it up then we probably have it in our giant inventory somewhere!

Coloured Contact Lenses UK loves its customers. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that your desired order gets to you in the fastest way possible, and there is no longer a need to wait a whole week for your next-day delivery.

You are looking for new contact lenses. You want lenses that are not only fun, but having a new look will make you feel good about yourself. We sell quality contact lenses from the best brands, but at reasonable prices. Not only do they fit comfortably in your eyes, they look great too! Lenses are available in every color imaginable to match all of your outfits and style. You can even wear them when swimming or taking an occasional shower!

When you feel like going for a light-hearted look, invest in a pair of our black contact lenses to bring a dramatically different appearance to your overall wardrobe. We feature all the options you could ever imagine for this popular colour, from the brightest whites and dazzling yellows, through to classy gunmetal greys or mysterious shadows of deepest midnight.