At Want Lens we stock an array of sapphire blue colored contact lenses to provide you with a fresh and exciting look. For twenty years we have been selling costumes and colored contacts for every fancy dress trend thrown at us. We pride ourselves on offering high quality costume designs and colored contacts that are safe for your eyes.

Each year, there is a must-have costume that seems to run out faster than others. There are many theories floating around out there as to what the next hot costume will be, but we think it should be something natural. Brown lenses with blue flashes or sapphire blue lenses on brown eyes are so popular right now! One look that never fails to impress people is brown lenses with sapphire blue frames on brown eyes. These lovely beauties enhance your eye color to make them sparkle like gemstones in an instant. If you would like a new look, please take a moment to look through our collection of partial contact lenses specifically designed for dark eyes and see which lens is perfect for your eyes! Results may vary depending on your natural eye color.

We also have other sections likes,  prescription aqua contact lenses ,prescription brown contact lenses, and prescription costume contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Wearing contact lenses is not just fun, it’s actually quite healthy too. This is why we care about the wellbeing of our customers. We sell the best quality contact lenses at reasonable prices and make sure they are all sourced from only trusted manufacturers who meet stringent industry standards.

When purchasing contact lenses, make sure to look out for certain qualities as these indicate the quality and safety of the lenses.

The color of eyes is determined by the amount and type of pigmentation present in the iris, a thin, muscular diaphragm located just behind the colored portion of the eye. Human irides are usually brown, but can vary in shades from deep brown to pale hazel or grey. The majority are moderately light or dark brown.


Our sapphire blue contacts lenses are perfect for any occasion so whether you’re looking to accentuate a mesmerizing transformation or want to try out a new eye color, we have plenty of options in our blue contact lens range. Sapphire colored contacts switch up the natural color of your eyes creating a stunning and completely new shade. Blue is a primary color which means it’s so easy to style and can easily be incorporated into fancy dress or cosplay .

Treat yourself to a new look anytime with one day contact lenses that are available at affordable prices without any hassle or aftercare. With our daily contact lenses in your wardrobe, you’ll be able to change up your appearance whenever the mood strikes you and have confidence knowing that you’ll have an additional cool enhancement to your mood every time! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit more iced out, we also offer a variety of blue colored contact lenses in different shades of intensity. We know there are many options out there but our contacts are made using the highest quality materials and features including disinfecting cases, soft scratch resistant coating and UV-blocking materials for safe and comfortable wear.

As you’re worried about the style, our Freshlook sapphire blue contact lenses will stay looking vibrant for 30 days. With a color range that goes even further, all of our other brands have blues available in contacts which won’t fade for 90 days so you can try out a new look for a long time. Some people may struggle with getting used to lenses but we offer a variety of aftercare products in case you’re worried about your new look.


We love to play with makeup because it brings something to life and instantly transforms any outfit we can think of, whether in movies and comics or in everyday life. The below character costumes are a perfect match for Want Lens sapphire blue contact lenses:

Pair these frozen shades with a blonde plait and flowy Elsa dress to feel as if you are in a sparkling frosted-over wonderland.

Go all out with a Batman costume, or wear our blue contacts with a suit as the more casual Bruce Wayne.

You’ll enjoy the limelight once you wear our sapphire blue colored contacts. They’re the ideal match for your very own Sailor Moon cosplay.

The Harley Quinn look is iconic this Halloween. For a custom look, pair these red and blue lenses with any of our other products such as an armband or face paint!

If you’re trying to create a scary Chucky costume, our blue contacts will truly terrify your fellow party-goers. Throw on a striped jumper and a little white suit to do the perfect job of playing the murdering doll.

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