This year, why not try wearing horror contact lenses for Halloween or even cosplay? They’re so fun to wear and you get to frighten everyone with your hideous looking eyes. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from, so be sure to check our range of horror eye contacts!

There are a lot of reasons why we love Horror contact lenses so much here in our offices! We especially love them because there is such a diverse range of colors and designs available; giving you the freedom to choose however you can customise your costume with some personality. If you want your glare to really make people tremble, you can experiment with printed designs featuring blood splatters, or pair your favourite cape with some Vampire contact lenses depicting drippy fangs!

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It wouldn’t be right if we wrote about prosthetic contact lenses and didn’t mention the scariest variety: sclera contact lenses. Taking things to another level and ensuring your costume is scary af, these special effect contact lenses ensure customers will keep looking just as you pass by. We know that some customers like to push the limits and take their costume game up a notch. If you’re one of those people who likes to go over the top to make sure that others can see you from miles away than be sure to include this frightening addition in your basket!

Our collection of color contacts isn’t just about spooky designs though! If you’re looking to create a Halloween-themed costume, you’re sure to find the perfect complementing color contacts in our collection too. Classic colors like fiery red or icy blue look great when paired with the Halloween theme, but there’s much more that can be done when it comes to eye make up and designing a make up themed Halloween character look. For example:

  • Vampire: Red contact lenses
  • Zombie: White contact lenses
  • Witch: Green contact lenses
  • Demon: Red, White or Black contact lenses

If you’d like to try something a little more eye-catching, why not channel your inner animal with our fantastic range of animal-inspired Horror Contact Lenses. With everything from cat eye contacts to creepy dragons and mischievously mischievous lizards, there’s a creature for every occasion.


One of the main features of our Horror eyeglasses is that they work with all eye colors and skin tones, so if you’re wondering, ‘What are the best contact lenses for dark eyes?’ or ‘Is this texture appropriate to wear during daytime?’ the answer to these questions are one-in-the same.

They are our Horror glasses! With their bold design featuring a gruesome bloodshot look, ghoulish 3D detailing, and creepy Japanese tattoos, our Horror eyewear is undoubtedly alluring yet incredibly mysterious.

Whether you want to flaunt your freaky Horror contact lenses for a party, the office or just to be taken seriously at work, we offer plenty of styles that can cater for whatever look you’re hoping to achieve.

Our 1 day lenses are perfect for those who just want to use contacts as part of their Halloween costume, but if you’re really into wearing costumes regularly then why not check out our 30 day, 90 day and even 1 year reusable designs which are all designed not to impact your vision too much thus allowing you wear them regularly?

Horror contact lenses are the most popular among Cosplay fans and fancy dress goers everywhere, which is why brands like Amazon and Freshlook offer a variety of designs. However, because there are so many options, it can sometimes become overwhelming when you’re looking to buy contact lenses online. As such, WantLens has created this article in order to help guide prospective customers through their processes for buying lenses.

At WantLens, our top priority is keeping your eyes healthy and happy. As a leading online contact lens supplier, we try to source only the best brands of non-prescription lenses so you can shop with confidence – all at low prices.