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One of the most popular characters from Naruto , Kakashi ‘s intense Cosplay has been a huge hit for years now. We all know how much Naruto fans love their pair of colored contacts to go with their blue costume! The key to making your own Kakashi costume is knowing the little details, and there’s no better place to start than with our stunningly realistic Sharingan eye contacts that perfectly reflect this character’s extreme skill and maturity. Take a closer look!

We know you’ve been working on your Naruto-inspired costume for ages, but don’t forget the finishing touches! Cosplay Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan contacts are essential for any authentic outfit. With so many lenses to choose from, you can make sure that your outfit is unique at the next convention! We totally love all of our lenses, so picking your favourite might be tough!

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When it comes to convention outfits, every detail matters and every small improvement makes for an even better final product. We know that plenty of Cosplayers will have the costume nailed already, but won’t they be surprised when you show up to the party with your very own pair of Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan contacts ? If you love our lenses as much as we at Anime Lenses do, you’ll probably struggle to pick a favourite pair!

Naruto Shippunden characters become stronger after unlocking their inner ‘Edo Tensei’ ability, so by wearing Kakashi’s Sharingan contacts, you too will gain power for your eyes. With Coloured Contacts, you can bring out the sharingan featured in this popular ninja show and manga graphic novels because these styles are great to look at! We carefully choose color pigmentation that will help achieve the looks introduced in the Naruto Shippunden TV show and manga series. Our contacts let you achieve that bold Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan style without worrying about how it might look later on!

We understand that you are an anime fan and, of course, you might want to wear some Sharingan Contact Lenses! With our Anime Gene lenses you will be able to achieve the same look as Sasuke Uchiha. You won’t need to purchase expensive full circle lenses or create your own patterns anymore – the anime contact lenses we offer can make any eyes look great! And of course all of our colored contacts are safe.

Because of its cool design, Kakashi contacts have been ranked as some of the most popular ones among anime and manga fanatics. There’s really no going past contact lenses that feature a fake Mangekyou Sharingan – they make you look incredibly stylish and can feel very comfortable to wear for a full day at the same time! If you’re a regular user of contact lenses, we’d definitely recommend trying out our Kakashi Managekyo Sharingan Contacts. Below is some more info on what exactly makes them so special.


When it comes to opaque contact lenses, our online shop is the place to be. Whether you want Kakashi’s Sharingan eyes or something completely different, we have all kinds of amazing designs for you to check out. The fun doesn’t stop there either! We also supply special effect contact lenses in case you want to take things one step further with your costume or just want an unusual look.

The Japanese theme of these Sakura Contact Lenses is one that’s hard to argue with. Not only do they look great but you won’t have a difficult time wearing them or taking them out of your eyes either. That’s because we use the same soft contact lens material that we use for our Sasuke Uchiha contacts and more!

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