Doesn’t matter if you’re a cosplay enthusiast, a costume player at a convention, or just someone who wants to be as special as those other people on stage next time you head to a movie premiere – contact lenses provided by WantLenses will help you achieve any look that your heart desires. With its extensive range of colored contact lenses for cosplay , the product is guaranteed to give users the look they want.

Anyone who enjoys wearing contacts and costumes knows how hard it might be to find an online vendor that sells quality and genuine contacts for great prices and with easy access. Luckily, we’ve got one! Not only do we provide the best cosplay contacts at affordable prices , we also make sure our customers stay safe and can attend conventions looking like their favorite anime or movie characters!

What makes Naruto contact lenses so popular? When it comes to cosplaying as your favorite character, you cannot truly bring it to life without a pair of high-quality contacts; and that’s where we come in. If you enjoyed watching the hit series Naruto or Naruto Shippuden , you will be well familiar with all things related to chakra, ninja powers, and one of our favorite styles; Uchiha Sharingan Contact Lenses .

If you’ve been looking to achieve a distinct look that is miles ahead of any other costume, it’s got to be with a new pair of Naruto eye contacts! The best thing about our lenses though, is that they are easy to wear, yet incredibly close to their source material! This means that if you are looking for casual costume or professional cosplay contact lenses; we’ve got just the styles!

We also have other sections like solar star contact lenses, hell raiser contact lenses, and hulk contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


In addition to the more niche styles featured in our selection , we also have some of the most realistic Byakugan Contact lenses on the market today . If you’re a fan of Popular Anime or Manga, then chances are that you’re already quite familiar with the deep white Byakugan eyes that are beautifully depicted by many popular characters within the beautifully-written series Naruto. It allows the user to see the chakra of other ninja warriors and can even evolve into a newer form called Tenseigan .

From high-quality lenses that feature a unique Aburame Clan – The Thousand Symbol Eye design, to a collection of the best mangekyou kakashi contact lenses, including a series inspired by ninja from the anime Naruto , if it’s visual appeal you’re after our stunning range of style-led coloured eyes will deliver. Many of our 100% novelty products are designed to be worn for as long as 12 hours each day and can be used regularly due to their approved quality standards.

Check out these Byakugan contact lenses! We know you’ll love the selection:

  • White Neji Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day)
  • White Blind Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
  • White Screen UV I-Glow Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day) 


Contact lenses are a great accessory to complete your Naruto Cosplay costume. Having different colored eyes can really bring out the character you are trying to portray through any kind of Anime or TV show character. Some of our favorites include Amegakure’s Nagato with his Glowing teal, Anbu captain Kakashi Hatake with his Orange eye color , Konohagakure’s black sheep Sasuke Uchiha with his deep dark eyes or Madara Uchiha, member of the legendary Team Kakashi – who has blood red pupils . All of these lens colors can help you truly create your character !

When you’re looking for coloured contacts, WantLens has everything you could possibly need! They believe in offering only the best products so there are a large number of lenses available such as monthly or daily disposable pairings. However, they go even beyond the industry’s customary safety specifications because all of their products have approval ratings. Such high-quality control is always guaranteed and that makes these lenses perfect for your needs!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for contacts for cosplay costumes like outfits starring Naruto or maybe even other fictional characters like Sasuke Uchiha (or even Byakugan contacts but don’t want to fall flat on your face!), be sure to check out the truly massive range of cosplay lenses available from the WantLens website.