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Are you seeking a crazy costume accessory for your next themed party? Whether you are dressing up as an eccentric character for your next fancy dress party or just wearing it in preparation for halloween, you’ll find that a pair of colored contact lenses take your outfit from ordinary to outrageous!

There is nothing like a white iris to really freak out your friends. You need crazy contact lenses that will properly match this look – the Zombi vamp white or bloodshot are perfect for getting you into the right mood on Halloween and when it comes down to scaring the pants off of your fiends, these contacts come in handy! For the more color coordinated costumes, take a peek at our Bezerker Vampire Colored Contact Lenses which are great for creating that devilish red look and certainly not disappointing.

We also have other sections like scary contact lenses, demon eye contacts, and prescription blue  that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Werewolf contact lenses are the ultimate costume accessory for any cosplay enthusiast and Halloween party-goer. These special effect contacts make it easy to go from ordinary person to snarling beast with just a few simple steps. First, you will want to select your pattern and print off one of our stunning werewolf makeup designs that we have made available. Be sure to collect all the items you need while printing in case time is short before the next big event or gathering! Once your exciting new look is ready, break out your orange contact lenses and tape them into place. They are sure to stand out when paired up with a background like our awesome werewolf face tattoos!

Halloween Contact Lenses Prescription

When you’re searching for a cool, one-of-a-kind costume that isn’t simply an exact replica of a celebrity, but instead inspiration and imagination goes into play. This can be difficult of course when the character you happen to be dressing up as doesn’t wear glasses. In some cases they might not even have eyes in their head! Of course we don’t encourage wearing these lenses if you need them in real life. But this is just for Halloween after all! And if you’re looking for something that will really surprise people at your next fancy dress party, consider switching things up this year by making sure the statement piece of your ensemble aren’t your usual shades – but instead geometric contact lenses inspired by the likes of Marvel or DC Comics superheroes or even TV show Doctor Who? Now that would definitely make for quite the sight!

Here’s a fun and edgy way to alter your eyes that don’t even need the assistance of your contacts. Whether you are into cosplay or just want some funky new frames for Halloween, these white mesh Halloween colored prescription contact lenses are sure to please. Be aware that these particular lenses do obstruct your vision and may not be safe for driving or other high-risk activities.

Cheap Halloween contact lenses can make all the difference to a look. Browse our new collection of non prescription and prescription colours for great deals on colored contacts that are safe, comfortable and offer a natural fit!

Contact lenses are a lot of fun! There are many kinds to choose from, allowing you to wear contact lenses for any occasion. Some lenses can be worn just once and thrown away, eliminating the need to store them. Always make sure your hands are clean when inserting your lenses so as not to introduce unwanted bacteria and germs into your eye. If you want to try lots of costumes or recreate the eyes of certain pop-culture figures then we recommend a case that won’t break, letting you know if someone is in there or not knocking on your eye lid while trying to take those crazy contacts out of your eyes. Our luxury collection of cases will safely contain your precious items while still looking great wherever they may end up.

Whatever the destination, we have plenty of shipping options. Here at Colored Contacts you get to choose from many retailers around the world who offer fashion lenses and not just your average back alley spammy contact lenses found on auction sites or Amazon and eBay!

Be sure to consult with your eye doctor before getting new colored contact lenses if you haven’t worn any before. They will be able to give you some advice on the kind of contacts that fit your eyes best and answer any questions you might have – whether that has to do with wearing them or looks. If you wear fashion contacts, remember to share pictures with us on social media! We’d love to see what styles you’ve chosen.