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It’s high time you took a look at some awesome carnival contact lenses. Around the world, Carnival is a popular celebratory tradition for many countries. It’s a time for dressing up, engaging in culture and can last a number of days or numerous weeks. With flamboyant costumes and brightly colored outfits we think it’s only natural to use Colored Contact Lenses to help embrace the spirit of the festivities!

With Carnival being a traditional and cultural event throughout the world, it is no surprise that each one may differ slightly. However, you will typically find that communities in Europe celebrate Carnival during the period before Valentine’s Day, which marks the time of Lent for Christians. This is to remind people about mortality and the need to prepare for Lent.

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Although the dress code and theme of each carnival might be dramatic, they can differ in subtle ways. In order to be fully involved in the events and street parades it’s clear that you need to embrace themes which reflect cultural attire – but feel free to add your own unique flair!

Carnivale is a festival all about parties and costumes. shows you what you need for your next carnival event! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your mask at Mardi Gras or trying to complete that comfortable Brazilian outfit, we can help! You can create a unique costume with our range of lenses including:


If you want the best Carnival experience, it’s important to look your best! We know these bright colors can really bring out your eyes, but you have a lot more to be concerned with before it gets dark. In fact, some people go as far as wearing masks with lenses over their eyes! Fancy duds or not, it is still possible for you to find the contact lens of your choice from our Halloween contacts range. Rest assured that there is something for everyone regarding color and style because we’ve been making miracles happen behind the scenes for a long time now—just trust us on this one.

From our many different Carnival styles you can choose from, exotic designs such as the ones from the vampire and zombie contact lens ranges give you a unique look that is sure to stand out. Especially for those who want to wear something more daring, we have very colourful iris patterns and bright monster eyes ranging from astonishment to terror.

Traditionally, the annual Carnival parades in Rio, Spain and Italy include performers in traditional clothing. To really wow the crowd and help turn heads as a performer or as an audience member, you can choose from a variety of eye-catching looks with Colored Contacts . One common similarity with the outfits worn by those taking part in these Carnivals is their bold colors, as well as gold and glittery costumes.

No matter if you’re in the mood to channel your spirit animal, channel your inner clown, or maybe for something more natural like complementing your natural eye color – WantLens has the perfect pair of contact lenses for any occasion. You can let out that wild side you’ve always wanted without having to worry about how the contact lenses will affect your vision at all since they’re specifically designed to be comfortable, durable and easy to wear throughout every day.