Looking for a sophisticated look to complement either your daily outfit or even wardrobe essentials like our women’s sunglasses? Then look no further than Want Lens’ range of hazel lenses!

Colored Contacts offers a range of non-prescription colored contacts that are ideal when looking to change the color of your iris and want to prevent presbyopia (an issue with nearsightedness where your ability to focus on near objects diminish, causing eye strain).

We also have other sections like orange contact lenses, galaxy contact lenses, and natural effect contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Natural Looking Lenses for All Occasions

Live every moment in focus with our unrivalled range of non-prescription Hazel eyes.

You’ll never see yourself coming in a pair of our trendy colored contacts. We have the best designs and shades in the business, which means that you can enjoy the freedom to swap your eye color as often as you want without worrying about damaging your eyesight. They’re easy to handle, comfortable to wear and extremely easy on the pocket!

Whether you’re looking for a pair of RGP lenses to fulfil your long-time dream of hazel or light brown colored eyes, or whether you’re seeking the finishing touch to your spontaneous party ensemble – Want Lens has you covered!

Our hazel colored lenses will add a burst of color and life to your eyes – guaranteed to flatter any facial structure or skin tone. These subtle spectacles are so realistic you may take them for your own natural eye coloring! If you prefer something a little more vibrant, our range of hazel yellow-green Two Tone and Brown Three Tone lenses are sure to attract all the attention in the room! Looking for something unique? Look no further because these catchy frames are just what you need! Your business needs this style. Get creative today with these high quality, trendy colored contacts that will give you an instant makeover.

Looking for a new style? Want to try dashing in a whole new light? Well don’t go twisting your precious eye! Why not look no further than our dazzling range of BIG eyeshadow lenses. Loaded with color and dimension, these high impact lense’s will turn heads uncontrollably.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to change your eye color or whether you’re looking for something perfect for completing your vision of the perfect look – our lenses are undeniably the best on the market when it comes to all skin tones and natural eye colors! There really is no stopping you from achieving that look that completely expresses your personality and style

Blend Of Comfort and Style

Here at Want Lens, we are able to provide you with the best variety of products for the best possible price. No matter what product you buy from us, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a vacation getaway package; when you shop online with us you can be sure to receive competitive prices against the same products sold by companies such as eBay and Amazon. We want to make your shopping experience easier, while giving you more options at your fingertips. This way, you have greater control over what styles suit your taste and wardrobe. Our team is here for all of your needs .

Eyefusion, formerly known as Edit, are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses. Want Lens is able to offer its customers the best service possible through stocking their products at our online store. Worried about the quality of your lenses? You don’t have to be! Our contacts are FDA approved – this means that they are manufactured with 100% non-hazardous materials. If you’re thinking about buying hazel lenses – then look no further because Eyefusion takes its reputation seriously. (Hazel lens use is strictly regulated by most major countries, in order to combat health risks).

Unlike larger corporations such as Vision Express and Specsavers, all of our contact lenses at Want Lens , including our hazel lenses and the brand new Colours line of thin contact lens are sold on a non-prescription basis. This ensures you have more freedom to try out designs and various looks without feeling uncomfortably compromised if they’re not perfect right away! Furthermore, we offer a number of different schedule plans to help you perfect your look for longer. For example, across our range of contact lenses, we offer plans which suit 1 Day, 30 Day, 90 Day and even 1 year wear – meaning if you like the uniqueness of a particular look then don’t be afraid to stick with it for as long as you want!

Getting the right contacts to make your visual appeal stand out is essential. When it comes to contact lenses, the hue you choose can hold great meaning behind it. If you have been yearning for autumn eyes that dazzle and gleam just like a pair of gold coins, then hazel will definitely be the vibrant shade you’ve been searching for! Don’t delay and get your hands on these stunning, cost effective contact lenses today!