The sea, the sky, whales, music. A whole bunch of best things in life are blue so having blue eye contacts makes for a pretty spectacular look. But what if you weren’t randomly lucky enough to be born with blue eyes? Or what if your blue eyes just aren’t special enough for you? Then the best option is to change up your eye color with a pair of blue eye contacts. We offer a wide variety of different types here at WantLens  and we understand how important it is to find the perfect shade of blue that will match your style and personal preferences. That’s why we stock all types of contact lenses in all different hues – from light blues to darker shades that have more hints of green or grey in them – we’ve got it all!

The best part about the pigment in our contacts that it can be worn by anyone without any prescription. Other contacts may have a tinged color, and dark brown eyes will bleed through and ruin the color effect so make sure your blue looks blue rather than mixing with the brown to create grey which is not at all new or original. In the end there are no tears when it comes to our products because they sell themselves!

If you want natural colored contacts, then check out the one tone and tri tone brands of contacts. They come in a variety of colors that make for a great fashion accessory and can be complimented with your make-up to either match or accentuate the color of your eye. If you’re planning on attending a party with friends or family members than add some contacts to your look because they’ll love it. People will be amazed by the combination and you will have whole conversations about your eye when you decide to make an addition.

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, in regards to finding the perfect bold blue eye contact lenses, we would have to agree. These outrageous blue contacts are sure to leave your jaw on the ground (in just the right way). Not only that; if you’re dressing up for Halloween, these contacts will make any Cosplay look even better and more authentic since many characters tend to have blue eyes.

Speaking of the quality of our products, let us tell you a little more about some of them.

Get a Blue Eye with the Best Colored Contacts.

If you’d like to add some flair to your natural eye color, we recommend the Blue Mystic Colored Contact Lenses that help accentuate the colors of the iris by outlining the pupil and iris with two distinct rings of dark blue that represent an enchanting appeal. These contacts come in contact lenses that have a normal wear period of 1 day as well as 90 days so you can decide what best suits your needs!

You know what’s really cool and just fun to do? Using black lights in a rave! Black lights are responsible for causing all sorts of things to glow. People with clothes that glow in the dark, UV reactive contacts. Now you can get blue i-Glow Colored Contact Lenses that will respond to black light as well – check them out here! If you’d like to throw a fun party, you should definitely look into getting some blackout contact lenses. They’ll make for an amazing event.

If you have dark colored eyes and have never worn blue contacts before, then you might find it slightly difficult to adjust to a pair of Blue Mesh Contact lenses. However, there are many benefits to wearing these types of colored contacts. The UV option will make your eyes look completely different and can help you get use to the lenses in darker environments if for some reason you don’t care for the mesh theme design.

You can celebrate your heritage or culture with our Flag Contact Lenses. We have American Flag Contacts as well as a pair of Pirate Contact Lenses in the pack. Great for international sporting events, and you can certainly spice up your life by throwing a party when the big game is on; everyone will be glued to the TV!


When it comes to contacts you can depend on us. We’re as big as Amazon and eBay when it comes to securing quality contact lenses. All of our lenses are FDA approved so we can guarantee your safety when putting them on your eyes or the safety of others around you. They are also exceptionally lightweight and breathable because of the Polyhema material that comprises all of our lenses.

You’re not sure what to do or where to start with your Halloween costume this year. You might already have the idea, you just need the right accessories. Stop worrying and take a look at our excellent and plentiful selection of contacts. Everyone can tell that you’ve done something different with your hair and you want it to be more noticeable than just changing the color, add some contact lenses for a cool blue tint that will really stand out in photos! We’ve also got a wide array of shapes from circle to surreal, everything you need so that you’re costume is complete without over complicating things!