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If you’re one of the many people who are always on the go and just don’t have time to deal with contact lens orders, you need something to help make things easier. If you have ever tried to order contacts online before, then you know the pain it can cause. You need solutions that are going to allow you time for yourself – seemingly simple things like taking a shower or taking your dog for a walk might feel better than anything else ever could!

Our range of purple eye contacts not only give you that much-needed sparkle in your dull eyes, but can turn any sort of look from middling to magical. From soft and pretty shades to bright and cheerful colors, we’ve got a little something for every type of taste. In fact, the color pigments are so bold and vivid that you’ll be surprised by their intensity!

It’s simple: you can wear purple colored contact lenses to make your eyes pop! Whether you want a subtle or strong statement, our products will make sure that you shine.

Perfect for dark and fair skin alike, these contacts are a shade that really complements any complexion. Whether you want contacts for a upcoming cosplay convention or Halloween party or even some ridiculous costume competition; purple contacts are sure to turn heads and make people notice you at the next event you attend. Some of the main differences between purple and violet colored lenses are intensity, comfort, tint and finish.

You can also check out freshlook ,realistic colored contacts and opaque contact lenses if you want to try something new.


Purple Color Contact lenses are a rarity, and what is there to love about that?! Usually, if you walk around wearing purple colored lens you will get a lot of admiring stares! But why choose these lens? WantLens have adopted the best contacts manufacturing techniques available to deliver the highest quality lenses at the lowest prices possible.

The best part about these lenses for cosplay and costumes is that they’re so versatile! Although these lenses are primarily used for costumes, shades like our violet colored contacts prescription can easily be doubled up with your other pair so that you can use them not just during your costume but also while doing everyday activities. While they make a great finishing touch to any fantasy costume, they’re perfect even without any kind of costume and make a unique addition to any outfit.

Wearing Want Lenses can make you look like a totally different person! If you decide to wear Want Lenses , then make sure you pick a colour that makes your eyes pop. For example, warm colours give your eyes an exotic shine and are great if you want an icy-cold look.

In addition to offering a wide range of both light and dark purple colored contact lenses, we also provide select styles that are designed either as a fashion accessory or else are meant to be worn on Halloween during masquerade-style costume parties. You can choose between one or two tone color enhancements that will brighten up your peepers and help enhance its appearance. Enhance your vision with violet contacts It’s also possible to select tri-tone enhancement colors! There are many different styles in our inventory ranging from the classic style which is perfect for purplish costumes and special occasions for example Halloween masquerade parties, to some more eccentric choices that might just make you want to wear dark purple contacts on an everyday basis because they look so awesome!

If you’ve shopped with Want Lens before or are completely new to prescription and non-prescription colored lenses, let us bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the world of colored contacts. Our selection of dark and light purple lenses is ideal for your pleasure. At Want Lens you’ll get impressed by all of our amazing styles that come from around the world. Whether it’s a classic Halloween style for your once a year friendly get together or a new trending anime or television character which you must show off at the latest comic-con; rest assured that we will deliver exactly what you need.

We provide a large selection of purple contact lenses, ranging from dark to light purple. Cosmetic or costume styles are available in a wide range of colors including one-tone and three-tone contacts. Enhance your eyes with our progressive lens collection!

Not only do we get to enjoy the festival season once a year, but we can feel like it’s any other day of the year through our 365 days contacts! We also have an appealing range of dailies where everyone can opt when they want their costume party lenses. It comes in 90 days, 180 days and even 1 year prescription so you are guaranteed to find one that applies more to your requirements such as wearing your Halloween eyes everyday or occasionally every once in a while – all depend on what you prefer! If this is too much for you, then consider checking out our worldwide contacts for a truly memorable effect which will keep your eyes looking fresh spread throughout the entire 365 days in a row without fail!

Why should you be treating yourself to a pair of purple Halloween contacts? The colored contact lenses that you’ll find on our site are a fun size and can be easily incorporated into your costume, as they aren’t all that thick.


Our Purple Brown Cosplay Contact Lenses feature a vibrant, striking purple color and a playful, imaginative design. They’re perfect for creating an enticing look of mystery and intrigue while recreating your favorite magical characters, fairy tales or even anime shows! These contact lenses are ideal for Halloween costumes as well as any daily use that showcases your otherworldly charms.

Now you’ve reached the purple section of contact lenses, we’re sure you’re feeling overloaded. There are so many to choose from, and with all this choice it can be easy to forget what mask or costume you’re looking for in the first place and start planning 20 more! Thankfully there are offers that you can take advantage of that will offer colored contacts at a lower price than other websites around which will help make it easier for you buy your perfect set of purple contacts. But if you still aren’t decided about which one is best for you, keep reading!

What do you want to wear tonight? Maybe you’ve planned a dazzling evening out on the town and want your eyes to really dazzle! Or maybe it’s just a fun night at home where your friends are bringing drinks over and you just need that unique finishing touch. Either way, we have a great range of discount purple contact lenses here at Contacts101 so you can get ready for a fabulous occasion.

Primarily we would recommend our Woochie cosplay lenses for people who want to take their cosplay to new heights. Within the world of anime, manga and gaming there are many characters with vivid hair colours that may otherwise prove difficult to emulate with a wig. We’ve designed our purple contact lenses so that you can make your cosplayer costume extremely life-like.

It’s easy to get lost with all the choices out there. Just take a quick look around and make note of how many brands push the same things: Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci, etcetera. Another thing you may have noticed is that most of those other brands are actually trendy in a way that one would wear them on Halloween instead of for an actual party. But not at Want Lens because we know that if you’re going to be wearing something every day then it has to be perfect. Why settle for anything under par when you can have the best? Our brand offers eye-catching styles that won’t go out of date next season and they’re so comfortable your eyes will thank us. We even guarantee it with our 100% money back guarantee! You can easily design your lenses in your very own way and have them shipped right to your door!

What makes purple make such a popular hair dye? After all, if it’s good enough for “Game of Thrones” it should be more than capable at making you look your best! If a new pair ofpurple contact lenses can help you achieve the looks you desire quicker than ever before, why not check out our selection and find the perfect pair for you?