Natural Effect Contact Lenses


Cosmetics are a great way to express your personal style and make a bold statement about who you are in the world. Many people enjoy changing their hair color regularly or adorning bright colors on their nails, lips, or cheeks. One way to try out new colors every day is by wearing colored contact lenses!

What are the most natural contacts?

Get the most natural colored contacts today and you will find that there are plenty of brands to choose from. Here’s ten tips to help you find your best fit:

Freshlook Contact Lenses: Switch to Freshlook contact lenses for gorgeous, blended natural lens colors. These popular designs are available in a range of colors, durations and prescriptions.

Air Optix Contact Lenses: This popular brand specializes in providing stunning natural lenses that are packed full of features to ensure you have a comfortable experience, making them perfect for everyday wear.

ToriColors Contact Lenses: Choose the correct measurements from the filter to find your perfect match. ToriColors uses natural designs for astigmatism to provide contact lenses that are comfortable and easy to use. Lightly tinted contact lenses in attractive designs for astigmatism come with a breathable design that is safe for everyday use. This is where you can get more information on Colored Contact Lenses and Astigmatism

.New from Chromaview, the Tri Tone lenses: These colored contacts are made with a variety of flecks to add dimension and realism. The iris is given a natural look thanks to its design that has light flecks in the middle and darker limbal rings on the outside.

This company offers high-quality, natural-looking lenses that are designed to bring attention to the eyes in several ways. First, you’ll find pigments that offer a range of color and design options from very subtle enhancement to bold statements by creating vibrant tones with a limbal ring.

How do I choose a natural contact lens?

Choosing natural lenses should be a fun process. If so, look into the different color options that will give your eyes definition. Natural contacts wanted by people with dark eyes come in plenty of colors to choose from, like our blue Kaleidoscope series and deep espresso brown Perfection line. We have a transparency scale on every product to guide you into the right category that you should buy online and have delivered to your door quickly.

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  • Tri Tone Colored Contacts
  • Two Tone Colored Contacts
  • One Tone Colored Contacts
  • Mystic Colored Contacts
  • Blends Colored Contacts
  • Enhance Tints Colored Contacts

Many of our eye color contact lenses are also available in prescription lens options. Make sure to add the strength of your latest fitting to your basket, should you need a particular correction added.

We’ve designed our single-use colored contact lenses to be comfortable and light weight. At 1 day’s wear, they are the perfect option for people who aren’t particularly fond of wearing contacts but still want to add a splash of color. These lenses are also perfect for those just beginning to wear colored contacts as these lenses can be used multiple times provided they’re cleaned and stored properly between uses. For best results using cleaning, storing and taking care of your colored contacts, please visit our online care guides!


Aqua Contact Lenses: The lightest shade of blue; aqua is usually best for enhancing lighter eye colors rather than trying to completely cover your natural eye color.

Blue Contact Lenses Safe for Dark Eyes: Blue Contact lenses are popular amongst people with dark eyes because it can have an upper hand in the sense that they may not even need to wear colored contacts to take on a particular role in movies or stage dramas. With our vast collection of blue contact lenses, you’re sure to find one that you’d love to flaunt just like any other famous celebrity out there! The good news is that we offer a variety of blue lenses that cater to a wide range of needs such as daily wear and cosplay, so every customer is happy when they purchase through us.

Brown Natural Contact Lenses: Our brown natural contact lenses are available in deep chocolate shades that can assist in achieving gorgeous natural effects, especially if you choose a lens with maximum coverage.

Green Natural Contacts: Green is a beautiful color that’s subtle and earthy. Green natural contact lenses offer a great way to enhance your natural eye color if you have blue, brown or even grey eyes. The vibrant green contacts are available in a range of designs, but they’re all perfect for wearing any time of year to bring attention to your eyes!

Grey Contact Lenses: Natural grey eye lenses are a great replacement if you are looking to slightly darken the colour of your eyes while still trying to keep them natural looking. They’re also great for ensuring you look more toned down, mysterious and unique without having to wear any heavy make up or costume props.

Hazel is a beautiful color and Hazel Natural Contact Lenses are designed to give natural definition, depth, and contrast to dark brown eyes.

Honey Contact Lenses: Honey colored lenses tend to be lighter than hazel ones are and also have a warm blend of brown and gold to match their honey color.

We also specialize in a variety of eye colors, beyond the standard range of shades from light to dark brown or gray. These include purple, violet, amethyst, turquoise and emerald hues. One thing that makes them so special is their ability to make your eyes pop at any event or function allowing you access to showcase a fun, funky side of your personality without upsetting convention!

We want to make sure you get the best looking lens for your eye color so note that results may vary depending on original eye color. Please check product details as well as customer images on our Gallery page or Instagram page which showcases many of our happy customers trying out colored contact lenses.

If you’ve been searching for top quality colored contact lenses, then you’re most definitely in the right place. Here at we offer a wide variety of colored contact lenses that are exciting and more than suitable as natural looking want lens. From blue, brown, gray and even bright green eye color shades, we have plenty to choose from. Easily accessible and available to buy with just one click, browse through our selection of top brand contact lens products today!