WantLens is the best way to get your hands on coloured contact lenses! Whatever the occasion you’re shopping for, we have a range of styles, colours and designs so there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. Our products are so versatile that you can wear it practically anywhere during Halloween or even on a daily basis! Browse through our wide collection of contact lenses for the natural look or get something a bit more out of this world with our special-effects range.

If you’re looking for a wild pair of glasses to bring out your animal style, our selection of animal framed glasses has everything you need! Whether you want to channel your inner fox or your on-the-go bunny, we’ve got all kinds of frames with the perfect fit and feel.

We offer contacts in different colors. For a cat look, we’ve created a rainbow of options ranging from blue to yellow that create shapes similar to a feline’s color spectrum. Also available are lenses with fire-breathing effects as an option for a Halloween or flame contact lens.

If you’re not an animal lover, and your tastes are more on the sci-fi spectrum, check out our collection of wearable, fashionable and affordable UV contact lenses! With a variety of out-of-this-world designs including white UV contact lenses and red UV contact lenses, these eye accessories are designed for dedicated Terminator fans everywhere. Putting a spin on your normal outfit and throwing a bit of science fiction into the mix is big these days. Make sure your style isn’t dubbed ordinary by opting for screen & mesh contact lenses instead!


Sometimes we just want to inject a little bit of fun into our lives and immediately the first thing we think about is altering our physical appearance. If you’re looking for a dramatic change to your eye color, why not consider wearing contact lenses? Our selection in colored contacts range from blue contacts, green contacts, and hazel contacts lenses too! Take a walk on the wild side and spice things up by trying on these different colored contacts.

If you’re not sure if it’s safe for your eyes to use colored contacts, don’t fret! In order to create your ideal colored look, our colored contact lenses are rich in color and pigment. They have a high quality design that is extremely natural looking. WantLens also carries the largest collection of colored contacts flattering on dark eyes, as well as prescription contacts and daily wear contacts with great prices! You can rest assured knowing that when you order with us you’ll be getting quality lenses to achieve the fun or alternative eye color you want!

If you’re looking for artsy-designed cosmetic lenses to add some colorful flair and shine to your eyes, then you’ve come to the right place. We have bright UV reactive contacts that will light up whatever nightlife event you may be heading out for in a variety of shades including yellow, green and white tones! We also have vibrant purples and blues that make people say “wow!” and get the party started! If you live the art life you should go wild with our trippy designs. And really exude color.


Our hottest contacts trend this October is Zombie Contacts! With our variety of zombie-related styles including white-out contacts, blind contact lenses (sclera), and classic black, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than perfection for your costume. There are so many different styles of contact lenses to choose from for Halloween so whether you like to add some creepy effects to your costume hunt, or something more spooky there’s sure to be movie-standard quality ones on sale for great prices that anyone can afford! Whether it’s for a one night murder mystery event with friends or something more extended like gothic, witchy or devilish costume party season with extras like makeup and decorations there are some nice choices on the market.

Whether you choose a colored lens in the style of circle, square or heart, one thing is certain. The reassurance that you are buying high quality contact lenses that are safe to wear and easy to use.

WantLens stocks only the highest quality contact lenses. All of our colored contacts are worn by some of the world’s finest musicians, fashion designers and even models! WantLens caters to people who want to be extraordinary in everyday life.