Black is synonymous with beauty, darkness, evil and mystery. Black is an incredibly gorgeous color that attracts attention. It’s symbolic of danger, and pure elegance, providing the wearer with a risk-taking factor that threatens to tarnish whatever stands between them and their goal. Blackout contact lenses allow you to display this connotation through your eyes, enhancing this persona and altering your appearance to look more than ordinary which is the best part about wearing these contacts lenses that’ll really turn heads.

Optical lenses designed to cover the entire iris are worn by performers, especially in a live music setting. Blackout contact lenses can be worn as part of an ensemble or in a more subdued manner. Artists such as Marilyn Manson have made black out contact lenses an integral part of their stage presence and have used them to make a strong visual statement.

If you like the idea of Big Eye contact lenses but want something softer, what about Little Eye contact lenses? These lenses have the same black-out design but use a hint of color to create a cuter manga-inspired look. The result is still attention grabbing but a little softer and prettier.

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