Hazel Contact Lenses on Dark Skin


Colored Contacts offer a big selection of colored lenses. They are all made by the world’s major contact lens manufacturers and they conform to the latest standards. The revolution in contact lenses is here. With Colored Contacts it has never been easier to shop for your next pair of colored contacts online conveniently, safely and assuredly. Check out what we have today and make a style statement with your new look!

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Natural Colored Contacts for Dark Skin

We ensure you’re bound to find just the right colored lens, whether it be for corrective purposes or simply fashion-based. Our website is easy to use! Just click and view the available selection of lenses according to eye color, brand name or special effects!

Don’t let your natural pigmentation prevent you from wearing hazel colored contact lenses that you want. Here at Colored Contacts, we offer a wide range of hazel colored lenses that can match many different skin tones. Do you have a skin tone that is tan or just a little on the darker side? Do you want to wear realistic looking hazel colored contact lenses for your eyes? If the answers are yes, then take a look at our collection of colorful and stylish nontinted contacts for those with darker skin!

At Colored Contacts, we believe that sometimes less really is more and that changing the color of your eyes can dramatically transform an outfit. Our fashion style contact lenses are discreet and fit well under your regular prescription eyewear.

If you’re planning on trying out a pair of hazel contact lenses for fun, but are worried about how visible your eye color may seem through the lenses – leave those worries behind! These lenses were specifically designed to prevent your natural eye color from showing through and these stunning hazels blend perfectly with all eye colors so no longer do you need an excuse to try them!

100% Natural Looking Lenses

Warm, mellow colors are notoriously known to work well with dusty and dark complexions, giving your look that naturally soulful glow – so there’s plenty of time to get your autumnal look perfected before the season gets fully into swing!

Unlike our existing range of Sclera, Mesh and Blind style contact lenses, at Want Lens we also aim to provide customers with realistic and natural hazel eye tints. We pride ourselves on only providing our customers with products that are 100% healthy for the eyes. Our Hazel contact lenses come in a variety of colors including, but not limited to:

  • Single Tone
  • Two Tone
  • Tri-Tone
  • Glimmer
  • Big Eyes

The beautiful dark-haired models on the editorial pages of haute couture magazines will never take off their chic glasses, right? Wrong! These lovely ladies actually do wear eyeglasses in real life. They are not always about flashy makeup or clothes.

One of the trickiest aspects of shopping for winter shoes can be figuring out what size fits you just right. It’s commonly known that buying shoes online without having tried them on first is a risky bet, so it’s useful to know your numbers to make sure a pair fits like a glove – regardless of where you buy them from.

With hundreds of gorgeous colored contacts to choose from, we’ve got you covered. Take your eyes to new levels with our vibrant selection of contact lenses that will leave others wondering what tint of magic lies within. Our durable and reusable contact lenses come in 3 monthly-renewing boxes at only $49.99 per box – that’s 6 months worth of the same approved contacts! Be confident knowing that choosing Colored Contacts means you’ll be getting the highest quality contact lenses designed to fit comfortably even after months at a time, so you can flaunt your eye color without worrying about them falling out in public.

Choose from any of Colored Contacts’ wide selection of hazel contact lenses for dark skin. No matter the occasion or your personal vibe, you can be sure that Colored Contacts has a pair best suited to your needs. If a more natural look is more your style, then check out one of our subtle single tone hazel contact lenses, or if you’re looking for something that screams big eyes and dramatic flair, then consider the choice of our big eye hazel contacts!