With our amazing line of green contact lenses, you can take a natural quality that’s within you and enhance it to create a unique look for your eyes. Many shades let you keep your natural eye color while enhancing the natural hue through a vibrant lens – adding something extra special to any occasion!

To stand out from the crowd, try wearing green contact lenses online. The colored contacts that are available here at WantLens are designed to instantly change the shade of your eyes. You can also subtly enhance your eye color if you want to further endear yourself to people around you. Whichever shade you choose, these contacts are sure to make a statement.

​If you’re still not satisfied with the natural color of your eyes, maybe it’s time to take some action! Contacts are known to provide instant changes in eye color so no one will even be able to compare you with the old you. Even if you don’t want to change your entire look, but instead want to enhance the natural shade of your iris, contacts provide unique ways of making your eyes pop with unnatural colors.

If you’re worried about giving up your search for comfortable, stylish contact lenses for ones that are approved! All of our contact lenses adhere to strict guidelines and made with high quality materials to ensure comfort and safety.

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Eye contact lenses are one of the most exciting things you can buy if you’re looking for a new look. They can transform your natural color, letting you express your creativity in all sorts of fun ways. Whether you want to match with a costume or make a statement by adding some pizazz, eye contact lenses are the way to do it!

If you’re still not sure what to go for when it comes to the shade of green that you want for your lens, here are three different options that we recommend. The first option is light green contacts, which many like because they present the appearance of exceptionally natural looking eyes (and also work well with costumes).

The next type of lens is colored contacts for an even more vibrant design. If you don’t have a specific costume in mind but rather some kind of everyday-wear look, these lenses will really put on a show! You’ll find some people really prefer lenses with cosmetic iris styles and colorful limbal rings because they give off the appearance of being unique. These can be found here .

If you’re looking for bright green contact lenses that will look great with your costume this party season, you’ll be pleased to know that Want Lens has some gorgeous shades of emerald green contact lenses available. Our lenses come in a range of vivid colours so you can choose the colour that suits your unique sense of style best! If you don’t see the colour or style of bright green contact lenses on our website that you’d like us to stock, let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you!

However, that’s not all, one can also find 90 day and yearly lenses with prescription! If you’re suffering from short sighted vision and feel that you’d love to show off your new green eyes without the use of your glasses, visit our prescription contact lenses section and find yourself an original pair of green colored contacts with prescription! ❤

Green is one of the most popular contact lens colors in the world right now, but you might not be aware that our natural green colored contacts aren’t just for cosplayers or people who have a polymorphic condition that makes them feel more comfortable wearing this shade of color. In fact, many people wear green contacts even when there is no special reason why they’re doing it! If you want to get a different pair of prescription colored contacts for yourself or your Halloween costume, there are plenty of lenses to choose from. It’s easy to get confused about which types will work best for you, so we’ll share some helpful tips below with steps on how to get started.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re more the gothic type or like to keep things a bit more glam. There’s something for everyone here, so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’d rather not be walking around with bright green eyes as this Halloween approaches, why not try some of our other spooky contacts instead? We have contacts inspired by horror creatures, such as goblins and witches as well as sinister animals like lizards and cats. There are also some generally scary contacts available on our website that might just give people nightmares, such as those that light up under a blacklight and the ones that look like they’re behind mesh and blinds!


When it comes to buying colored contact lenses, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you want a pair that will make your eyes look dramatically different? Or maybe something a little more subtle?

There are many brands out there all with their own strengths and weaknesses, but the team at WantLens always strives to give our customers the biggest and best options while ensuring your eyes remain healthy too. Our colored contacts don’t just offer amazing eye-catching shades, they’re also easy to put in and stay comfortably clear!

Every single pair of our prescription and non-prescription contact lenses are designed with your high-quality needs in mind. They are made to be durable yet comfortable for your eyes, careful manufacturing techniques make sure that there is no need for added substances or additives. If you want glasses to help you control different kinds of light sensitive vision defects, or the fashion sense to let you show off a new look, simply leave it up to us. Have some fun but be safe!

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