Animal Contact Lenses

Animal eyes a minute – wear some novelty animal contact lenses to get a crazy eye set in seconds

If you love animals then you will love our animal contact lenses as we have a wide range for those that like furry and scaly animals. You can turn your eyes into wild and freaky ones too.

You can also check out natural queen contact lenses,aquaman contacts, and natural iris contacts if you want to try something new.

Walk the line with animal contact lenses

If you love animals, don’t miss out on our fun collection of animal-themed contact lenses. You can find plenty of wacky contact lenses on the market. From cat eyes to those of other animals like snakes and even fantasy creature such as dragons, they allow you to change your appearance as if you’re an Animorph.

Our animal contact lenses are designed to give you wild, spooky eyes! Animal patterns are perfect for any occasion and can be worn long-term. We offer some of the best quality cosmetic contact lens brands available, all with styles that are certain to tone down your eyes or make them pop.

If you’re worried about sacrificing comfort for aesthetics, don’t panic! We have contact lenses from the best brands that provide incredible comfort and are made with superior quality materials. You will be able to wear them safely, comfortably and without any trouble.

Even if you do not need glasses or contacts for your eyesight, you should consult an optometrist before wearing colored contacts. This can help ensure that your glasses fit properly and that you know how to take care of them safely.

As a contact lens wearer, it’s vital to always follow a good hygiene routine. If you follow the info below, you can avoid some serious consequences:

  • To keep your contacts looking the best they can, it’s important to clean, disinfect, and store them properly.

  • It’s important to not wear expired contact lenses. They can result in infections, vision loss, and permanent damage to your vision.

  • If your eyes are sore, red or itchy, stop using contact lenses. Remove them immediately and get advice from your optometrist if you experience blurriness or distortion in your vision.

  • NEVER swap your contact lenses with someone else. This could lead to infections and other diseases that affect the eye and optical system.

Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses safe. You will get a free care kit with your monthly contacts as well as a great deal on these contact lenses.

Designed for cosplayers and people with a furry fetish, these animal contact lenses are perfect for parties. Available in different designs to suit your needs. We have a huge selection of animals that come in a range of colors, from bright red to yellow. Some are even UV reactive and reusable, meaning you could wear them over and over again.

Check out these cool creature cosplay contact lenses!

If you have ever wanted to wear contact lenses with different colors or shape for an exciting new look, then don’t miss out on our animal contact lens collection. Contact lenses come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some that are creepier than others. You can find kitschy, modern or even animal-inspired varieties of these products.

If you want to try something wild, there are a lot of animal contact lenses that will let you look like a predator for a fancy dress party. They can be cat eyes, lizard eyes and many other types of animalistic styles. Our creature contacts are perfect for anyone who is looking to make their photos more interesting.