Whiteout contact lenses are made of a bright opaque color and often have intricate designs. They can be worn for white out make up and costume dressing, but generally they’re only worn on special occasions.

Whether you’re looking for an extra touch to make your evening look totally spooky, or the ultimate accessory to bring your Halloween or cosplay costume to the next level, there are plenty of options out there. Our spooky whiteout contacts are simple to insert and will surely make your eyes stand out! Super-soft lenses are easy to wear and thin enough not to impede with your natural tear film. This means they’re especially good for dry eyes, too!

Lens Picker is a place where you can find endless amounts of contact lens options from various brands. They carry a vast range of whiteout colored lenses which are perfect for festivals or any other event, and they even have a pack that features a ton of different eye colors all in one! Each lens here has its own individual package and is individually marked, so it’s easy to know when you’ve used up your daily option. ​

If you don’t feel like adding your own style to your costume but would like to appear as a funky-eyed zombie instead, you can always choose to wear one of the many different styles of whiteout contact lenses available. We carry both monthly and 90 day lenses in addition to prescription range for those who wish to rock their look during spooky occasions come All Hallows Might.

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Whiteout lenses can be used for more than just sporting an all white outfit to the annual Halloween costume party. Of course, Halloween and cosplay conventions are probably still the first occasions that pop into mind when one thinks of events where it might make sense to wear these cool alternatives to your classic black iris lenses.

But there are SO many other places you could use these funky colors too! For example, why not try wearing a neon pair of all white out lenses on your next visit to the nightclub with friends? Sporting a UV reactive stare that will illuminate the dance floor is guaranteed to keep you in the spotlight at any concert, rave or dance party – let your imagination run wild!

Trying to think of an awesome Halloween or cosplay costume? Why not channel some wolf spirit. Reusable white colored contact lenses will put you in the mood as your become as mysterious as a mysterious, mysterious wolf. Or just come up with your own idea but that’s the best part – there is no limit to what you can do! It’s like having superpowers; we suggest taking on a character if you want to be totally original and over-the-top.

All of our white out contacts will give you an out-of-this-world no pupil effect, making them a great option for any sci-fi or alien outfit. If you are considering something different like removable sclera lenses to create the appearance of blindness, make sure it’s really what you want because this style can obscure vision. Although these designs work well when worn in one eye only or in photo shoots, be aware before you buy!

When it comes to costumes, white contact lenses are always a hot pick. No costume is complete without them! After all, they make you look your best… but at the same time, they don’t even seem like part of your outfit! Whiteout Halloween lenses are sure to help you with an amazing costume that’s guaranteed to leave people in awe!


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