White Prescription Contacts

Did you know that an alarming percentage of contact lens wearers never take the time to properly store their lenses or equipment? Remember not to neglect your contacts, cleaning solution and cases. Without proper care, bacteria can breed, potentially causing infections. Given that over-the-counter cleaners are generally ineffective in killing harmful germs, opt instead for a prescription lens cleaner that fights microbes as it disinfects. Eliminate the source of infection by using a multipurpose disinfecting solution. Always be sure to follow recommended care instructions and consult with your eye doctor promptly if you experience any changes in vision or redness from wearing contact lenses!

If cosmetics is your field, prescription white contacts are the perfect tool for transforming your looks and creating an eerie costume complete with striking, **** makeup. Fashion contact lenses are now available in every shade of the rainbow to transform your eyes no matter what color your natural eye color happens to be! Colored Contacts provides you with only high-quality solutions for all of your colored contact lens needs. Our collection of prescription novelty contact lenses is second to none. You can choose which type of glasses look best on you so that you will enjoy the highest possible light sensitivity with 100% UV protection.

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The White Mesh Colored Prescription Contact Lenses are great contacts for those who wish to achieve a truly terrifying look this Halloween. They cover both the iris and pupil to create the illusion of a blind eye but will only be seen through by others! These scary white sclera contact lenses allow your natural color to peep through so you can look as if you are a trapped soul or even worse, a possessed zombie. They give the impression that you have been possessed because they appear blindfolded while in reality they will be able to see everything due to the mesh effect that makes it look like there are tiny squares covering your eyes. This illusion makes your eyes seem completely covered over but allows for people around you to still get an unobstructed view – perfect for wearing them under masks or along with costumes at a fancy dress party where you want to terrify all of your friends into thinking your eyeballs have been taken over by some evil entity!

The LEOK Art Deco doll is based on the pretty sophisticated women of the early 1900s. The intricate detailing and subtle difference in color makes this blind lentils lens a fitting pick for the ladies who are looking to maintain a poignant elegance with their costumes. The biggest pro of these lenses would be that they totally transform a simple look into an amazing eye-catching costume for any fancy dress party!

When checking out our prescription white contact lenses, you are welcome to shop through our online lens store where you will have the opportunity to browse samples of our top sellers. So browse photos/blogs from some of our most popular lenses to find the ones that are perfect for you!


Our white prescription contacts are a natural fit for these scary themed wearables. We encourage you to browse our catalogue of unnatural-looking lenses and select the right ones for your spooky aesthetic. Our contact lenses for sale come in 1 day, 90 day and 1 year lengths so you’ll be sure to find just what you need. Do you want something that is more like a set? We also offer our terrifyingly stained lenses in 1 year pairs, meaning there’s no maintenance involved with these discounted options! If you want hassle-free entertainment – and theatrical styling – then look no further than our disposable contact lenses. After wearing them once, your pair should be disposed of properly by flushing down the toilet or throwing them in with the trash when it’s collected from your house. Maintaining regular cleanliness (which we strongly urge!) will prevent infection and ensure a longer shelf life for these worn accessories.

Our lenses are all made with the highest quality of materials, including FDA-approved materials. We know that with our products, you will receive a pair of lenses that is soft, lightweight and breathable. At Colored Contacts, we understand your need for great quality products, so it is our policy to only sell the highest quality materials and comply with all regulations put forward by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Department (FDA). We know how important eye safety is, which is why we make sure to follow federal health and safety standards set in motion by the FDA regarding contact lenses. The Specsavers Halloween contacts collection from WantLens will become one of your favourite retailers for perfectly fitting prescription theatrical contacts for your costume parties and events!

Contact lenses can really make your eyes pop. Most brands of contact lens contain a solution of artificial tears, as well as buffering agents that combat the effects of protein and salt from eye secretions. Your optician will be able to tell you which brand is best for you. As with all vision correction solutions, it’s vitally important to go about things sensibly and responsibly: never buy contact lenses over the internet or via social media ads – instead always visit your optician for advice!

Our prescription colored contacts range is continuing to grow so if you haven’t found what you are looking for today check back soon and you are sure to find plenty of awesome new products for women or for men. We have plenty of new options including many different red prescription contact lenses UK . These are perfect for creating devil and angel couples fancy dress with one set of white contacts and one set of red contacts.

If you’re looking for scary contact lenses to wear for a costume party or fancy dress event, our white contacts are perfect! We guarantee your eyes will stand out and that you’ll be the talk of the night without having to pay through the nose! Don’t let poor quality lens brands prevent you from making an impression this Halloween. We have everything you need to complete that Jedi Knight costume or a vampire look easily and affordably.