Grey Prescription Contacts

When looking for colored contacts to buy, finding a quality pair of prescription dark gray ones can be quite difficult. Many sellers make the mistake of selling customers tinted contacts instead of solid grey contacts. On many pairs, the lens color is only partially gray and this means that you will find dark bits of your natural eye color bleeding into them eventually making the gray contacts look more like other colors than intended.

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As an industry leader in want lenses for over 10 years, we know how important it is to produce high quality products that you can trust will work well on your eyes. Over and over again we have received testimonials from our customers, most of them having had brown or black eyes but not feeling as though they have been limited to only black and brown lenses when it comes to wearing colored contacts – which is why we dove deep into research and development and found a way to create the highest grade contact lens that works perfectly well with people who have dark eyes! If this sounds great to you too, head on over to our website right now!

When you want to go out, you want to give yourself options. Glasses are great for some occasions but when your eyes see better without them, it’s nice to be able to swap things up and wear colored contacts lenses instead. With solid color contacts now available for prescription, we’re happy to help make the transition a pleasant one.

In the cosplay domain, there are many costumes that need to get complete with a pair of colored contact lenses. Spending your time trying to finish the costume off can be a difficult task however, as you have to either wear glasses over your costume if you prefer not to use contact lenses or vice versa. The absolute best way to go about this is by wearing a pair of prescription contact lenses. It’s also a good idea to visit an optician in person – and make sure they’re registered with The General Ophthalmic Council for your reassurance!

One reason why Halloween became so popular is because it’s not just about dressing up, but also more specifically to be able to scare people. And that’s what makes this holiday really fun! And there’s no better way to do it than by wearing a stunning costume. However, before you step out into environment where others won’t realize they will have the upper hand on you if they wear contact lenses… So if you’re looking for ways to live up to your mysterious and possibly spooky character, make sure you get yourself a pair of sick taste contact lenses from our store. This way everyone will know who the ultimate villain is around here!


For whatever reason, our gray prescription contacts are an amazing option for your style. If you want to use a pair of gray lenses on black eyes to cover up that darkness, we can get it done on the daily. We understand that dark eye colors can be a little underwhelming and nothing is as unique as a pair of natural gray colored contacts to get the natural yet different look that compliments your everyday fashion. So if you’re looking for a natural look that you can use every day for 90 days, you should check out our Natural One Tone Prescription Lenses. The lens is a medium gray for the iris with a speckled effect to replicate how light reflects off your eye’s surface when they’re in motion. While wearing these it will look as if everything around you has turned into sepia tone while you remain crisp and fresh; it will feel like fall always has in your eyes even when it doesn’t.

Alternately, you can get some special lenses for that Halloween costume. If you want to give your costume a little bit of glitz, the Silver Glimmer Prescription Contacts can make a glittery effect in your eye through contact lenses [3]. With so many options for all sorts of lenses, you will not be disappointed at the outcome on any given night!

All of our contacts go through stringent, Approved testing so you know they’re safe and durable. When you put something in your eyes as sensitive as contact lenses, it’s important that they be strong and completely safe! Make sure to only get contacts from a reliable source such as us! Not only are our contact lenses aesthetically pleasing with colors that pop, the high quality pigments used for coloring are completely opaque underneath the colored part of the eye. This is particularly useful for anyone who has dark colored eyes. Furthermore, the material used to make our contact lenses was specifically designed to breathe so that you can wear them comfortably all day long without suffering discomfort.

At My Color Contacts, we pride ourselves in having the biggest selection of colored contacts you can buy! Not only do we have an overwhelming amount of different colored contact lenses and over 50 brands to choose from, but we also offer custom color services so that you can be assured of getting only what you want.

If you’re searching for high-quality gray prescription contacts, then our website dedicated to colored contacts is exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s your first pair or your fifth, you will be absolutely thrilled with the way wearing contacts drastically improves your appearance once you decide what brand and style of contact lens appeals to you most. Remember that every type of colored contact lens requires a prescription from an optometrist and also requires regular eye exams in order to stay healthy. If either of these things are out of the question for some reason, there are still many alternative colorful contact lenses to choose from! The Summer Bay Collection available here at Clearly Contacts aims to provide customers with the widest choice of the top-selling clear color contact lenses online!